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Homemade Desserts

Whether for its signature cheesecakes, homemade ice cream or pies to die for, BozWellz pays particular attention to the choice of products that make up its desserts.

All of our desserts are made in house - yes, every single one of them! Grab a great meal, and top it off with a smile called "I'd like some dessert, please."


We make cheesecakes. Boy, do we make cheesecakes! Turtle caramel butterscotch, white chocolate raspberry swirl, and so many more!


Do you love coconut cake? With the rich creamy frosting that melts in your mouth? Ooey gooey chocolate peanut butter brownie cake? Yeah, it's time get in here!


Everyone has their favorite pie, and I bet we have one you'll love. Coconut cream, key lime, French silk? Better grab a seat and tell us your favorite!

Ice Cream

Okay, so we only do vanilla ice cream. BUT - it's homemade ice cream. We don't churn it by hand (the staff protested!) but you'll love the creamy taste of homemade goodness!

Full Orders

We bake everything in house, so be sure to give us a head's up if you want a full cheesecake or pie. Call 712.732.3616 to place your order!

Other Goodies

Oreo Explosion anyone? It's a combination of French silk pie, chocolate mousse and oreos. =) Homemade apple crisp? Served warm and topped with homemade ice cream.

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