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At BozWellz, we believe in fair prices, a plate full of food and friendly service. Our menu is five pages long, and jam-packed with something for everyone. Seafood, pasta, sandwiches, nachos and even vegetarian dishes.

Take a few minutes to look through the menus, but don't forget we run specials every day as well. =) We post our specials daily on our Facebook page!
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World Famous Reuben

When people ask what we're best known for, we always mention our fabulous reuben. Made on a swirled marbe rye bread with freshly sliced corned beef, swiss cheese, kraut and our own homemade 1000 Island dressing, this baby can't be beat. Anywhere. Honest.

Eat Dessert First!

We're not your mother - we're not going to tell you you can't have dessert until you clean your plate! But since our food is soooo gooood and you didn't leave room for dessert, we do have to go boxes so you can enjoy it later. Always thinking ahead!